Friday, April 20, 2007

Changing Appetites, Marina Square

Changing Appetites at Marina Square does a sort of western/japanese fusion in the menu. I can't really put a finger into their identity, but there's a variety. The food's fairly affordable with a more creative menu. I actually didn't really think too much of them apart from being a novelty when I first visited them a few years back when they were just opened.

The Classic Double 2 Thick burger ($15.90) is really, just thick. The patty despite it's appearances isn't as firm as I was hoping for. It broke apart easily and there is no option for done-ness. The marinate of the meat was so strong that it took the beef out of beefiness. I actually couldn't from the taste what meat it was. The saving grace was that, it actually tasted not too bad. Unexpectedly for me, they too used a brown rye bread which was quite good with the buttered insides.

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