Sunday, February 24, 2008

Herbs & Spices the Euradian Restaurant, Upper Thomson Road

This is pretty interesting as Herbs & Spices (207 Upper Thomson Road, Yew Lian Park, tel: 6252 9038), which is just a unit down from Miss Clarity at Upper Thomson is the first Euradian restaurant I've come across. Euradian as one of the owners explained, refers to the blend of European and Indian. One of the chefs in the kitchen apparently has experience in doing Italian food. So right in this unit, you get a pretty good selection of Indian and Italian food. The options for both cuisines put together was quite overwhelming. As a matter of fact, the selection of Italian food alone, in this place outdoes quite a few other Italian restaurants which I've been. I went for some safe bets of the common items which I thought I liked in Indian food, cliche it may be. It's the usual palek paneer, butter chicken, butter and kashmiri naan, lassi, buttermilk (ice blended??) and along the way of orders tried the deep fried fish roe, chicken pakora (I hope I got this right), gobi manchurian and *drumroll* mushroom risotto with goat cheese.

palek paneer

The palek paneer here is quite enjoyable. The spinach puree wasn't flat in taste as I thought it might have been. Which is a good thing. My only gripe here is that the cottage cheese portions here could do with a bit more generosity.

butter chicken

The butter chicken here was quite like the one down at Jaggi's, meaning that it was rich and creamy while lacking the edges of spiciness as compared to the ones that are served elsewhere. I found this to be quite enjoyable, especially with the fact that they were served piping hot and the combination of the gravy with naan or rice is almost peerless comfort satisfaction for the stomach. Almost.

fried fish roe

Fried fish eggs. Who doesn't like these? Freshly fried and still retentive of a bit of the juices, I really don't need to say much more about them.

chicken pakora

I must say that these fried pieces of chicken with herb and batter are quite tasty and would probably make very good beer snacks. The first time I've had these here, they came in much smaller minced portions. This time round, they were larger chunks and much more tender.

gobi manchurian

The gobi manchurian turned out to be visually, different from what I thought it might have looked like since I've just tried them out at Spice Junction quite recently. The ones here appeared like a sweet and sour cauliflower dish, tasted spicy to some extents, but didn't match the ones down at the former location.

mushroom risotto with goat cheese

To be honest, I had expected more out of the risotto. There were certainly no complains about the generosity of the mushrooms in the rice, but the flavor wasn't as fragrant or pervasive on the tongue as I had hoped it could be. Maybe it lacks a bit of porcini? Certainly, I've had much better for risottos and the goat cheese barely registered in taste. The restaurant had mentioned that it had been adjusted to a mild level since not everyone is agreeable to the pungent taste, but I thought it could have done with more of that which would have made it something to remember. The quality of the risotto is apparently not of the enjoyable that I've had, but certainly it was at least on par with the ones that I've tried at Miss Clarity, which is to say that it's still decent. There's definitely room for improvement.

I think on the overall, I quite like this place and the proximity is somewhat of a bonus now that I know that there is an alternative to Race Course Road for me. The cost for this meal at $66 for 5 persons seems very reasonable to me for the tasty food, especially considering the fact that the risotto was already $24. I'm actually looking forward to going back to try more of their stuff someday.


Jack said...

did you mean Eurasian

LiquidShaDow said...

As they called it, it is Euradian. Euro Indian rather than Euro Asian.

ladyironchef said...

this looks not bad, and its very cheap, considering 5 person only 60+? but a bit far for me. hahaha

Bugger said...

I think it is pakora...not pagoda. :)

LiquidShaDow said...

@ ladyironchef
The prices are pretty appealing. Despite some minor misses, the overall meal was enjoyable.

Hey, thanks. I've edited the post.

Anonymous said...

i leave so near herbs and spices! i wanted to go down on monday cuz i was craving but it turned out to be closed on mondays! so take note to avoid disappointment:)

Apparently the italian pastas are Very Good and new on the menu, just a tad ex.

the naan cant go very wrong,quite a big portion too.

on the same day i tried hopping over to miss clarity but it was closed too!! so diasppointing -.-