Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pho24, Upper Thomson Road

I've actually not much tasting experience with pho bo with the exception of a store down in some old blocks at Novena which I cannot recall the name and Va Va Vroom down at Seah Street which serves a rendition that is full of green herbs that drowned out the beef flavor of the soup. I really didn't enjoy that one. What I've heard from someone who's had them in Vietnam is that the broth was more oily and served very hot so as to help soften or blanch the vegetables and herbs that are served alongside to be added into the soup. Pho24 (215M Upper Thomson Road, tel:6451-6811) which is a fairly new establishment does a pretty tasty soup beef rice noodle. Now I'm not able to comment on the authenticity of the cooking, but it does taste pretty good to me and the broth is actually beefy to taste from the Pho24 Combo which I tried. The combo is essentially just the regular beef noodle with the assortment of innards like brisket, tripe and tendon added, apart from the regular sliced beef fillet or flank. Added with sliced chilli and onions, it turned out to be quite satisfying. Though I must add that the lime which was provided came in really stingy portions. I question the thinking behind a restaurant that actually hails from Vietnam and is successful enough to open two outlets, one in Upper Thomson and the other in Millenia Walk to sting on limes. At $12.90, it's definitely not cheap considering that the ingredients are far from being exotic, but it was enjoyable.

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