Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Funny Lasagna, Alexandra Village

I found out about this place (Blk 127, Bukit Merah Lane 1 # 01-230, Alexandra Village, tel: 6270 5464) from the papers which featured the store and the chef owner, Peter Bontoi whom has served a couple of "tour of duties" in some other restaurants before finally opening up Funny Lasagna down in a quiet coffeeshop away from the main pedestrian sight. There was a squid ink lasagna that this place does that seemed interesting and described by our 141st(?) media to possess "homemade sheets of inky black pasta are layered with remarkably unchewy pieces of squid"......whatever that means, and a sauce that is intense, savory and "dark as night". Well, fool me twice and shame on me. I must be in possession of terrible luck for the store to perhaps run out of those home made sheets of inky black pasta and a sauce that didn't quite come out as dark as night. In fact, dark brown wouldn't be too far off a description.

Jibes aside, there was a gaping lack of squid ink flavor in the lasagna and I'm not sure why the layers in between the pasta saw the need for more tomato sauce which made the flavor a tad much too tart for my liking. I would have gotten the regular lasagna if I had wanted tomatoes in there. Seriously, why bother with the squid ink option if it tastes like tomato in the first place? The gnocchis were on the whole decent, quite soft and comes with a very expected taste of tomato cream sauce. For $7 the portions were pretty generous, but the accompanying asparagus did look and taste a tad wilted.

To call the cake what it is, this shouldn't be called a tiramisu. A rip off, perhaps. An attempt, maybe. But that's what it is from the store and I'm willing to bet more than some fleshy anatomy of mine that I can make them better myself. And so can my mother in all seriousness. This one comes with visibly dry sponge fingers and only a top layer that tasted like mascarpone, albeit one with a lumpy texture. The middle layer of cream was definitely not mascapone and tasted like some hard and dried custard.

The food on the whole from what I've tried does deserve some notice for the offered affordability, but for the price point, I'd have to say that you do get what you pay for. So while I could come back here again for something else, I'm probably not going to be doing that in a hurry.

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