Sunday, March 09, 2008

Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge

My first impression of this place (391 Orchard Road,Takashimaya Level 2, S238872, tel: 6735 6833) was that of a "tai-tai" cafe. Images of well dressed middle aged ladies sipping tea and having their scones immediately came to mind. Tucked at a quiet corner of the ladies' handbag section, the tea lounge looked like a perfect place for my coffee fix as it was not too packed. With the welcoming cake display fronting the lounge, I was tempted to order more than I could finish.

Here we have the warm scones with the accompaniment of butter, jam and whipped cream. Apart from being warm and crumbly, the scones were just plain by itself. I'd prefer if the scones came with raisins or flavoured with cheese. Its a personal preference. Having said that, the pastry was pretty tasty when butter and jam were spreaded on them. I was hoping that clotted cream was used instead of the weak whipped cream.

The cake of the month, as I was informed, was banana cheesecake with white chocolate. The name was interesting enough to make me find out more. The cake was not as dense as I half expected it to be. The texture was rather light and airy with just a hint of cheese as most of the cake is artificially flavoured by banana essence. I cringed a little when I took the first bite. Only the white chocolate ball tasted decent.

Next up was the Royal Copahagen brew. I like my coffees to be strong and aromatic. Brews are usually not that strong but I will give thumbs up for this one as it because it was much thicker and stronger than expected. It is not the best but definitely one of the better ones that I have tasted so far.

It was an affordable and cosy place that would make me want to come back for more cakes and perhaps tea the next time.

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