Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sugar Donuts

Donut innards!

I like them. There are so many flavours out there these days that I have grown to appreciate these plain sugar donuts. What I like about this particular sugar donut stick from Gin Thye Cake Maker (Blk 152 Bukit Batok St 11, #01-264, S650152) is that it has an "old school" fried donut taste. The texture is not bread-like or too dense. Tastewise, the light sugar coating provides a crunchy crust, revealing a light and fluffy inside of the donut balls. I could finish 2 sticks of these and not feel guilty.

They have been around since I was young and now that donuts are being repackaged, all these marketing fluff has made them too commercialised making it difficult to find no frills sugar donuts. I would love to know if there are any other places still selling these kind of donuts which are not located too far in the west. Now, on to the second stick...


Anonymous said...

ahh old school donuts! (: i miss those sweet carbo treats from my childhood! i prefer the ring donut though, remember always making a mess with those sugar granules sticking on my face. :p

Anonymous said...

I sure missed these donuts..! the donuts here suxs..!

ah Teo said...


I actually like the ring donut too! However, its difficult to find good ones nowadays. :o(

@mama bok,

>_< i missed these kind of donuts too, that's why the recent craving for it. ;oP

D said...

When I was in Singapore, I was just disappointed with the quality of donuts that I decided to make my own. And the best thing about that is you can use FRESH oil!