Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yu Xing Minced Meat Noodles, Whampoa Food Centre

Nothing beats a good serving of minced meat noodles on a rainy afternoon. After a not so good lunch experience the previous time, I went back to the vicinity in search for better tasting food for my lunch. The reason why I chose this stall (Blk 91, Whampoa Drive, #01-29 Whampoa Food Centre) was because it was lunch time, crowds were forming everywhere else and because I wanted to have my noodles. They do serve other alternatives like fishball noodles, fish dumplings and laksa. The order of "Mee pok dry with chilli" came out like a chant. Lol. It was my usual order whenever I have noodles with the exception of prawn noodles.

Minced meat noodles

At $2.50 a bowl, this place serves a pretty good version as the mee pok was topped with loads of minced meat, pork slices, liver slices, fried wanton, 1 meatball (my favourite!), 1 fish ball, lots of mushrooms and no vinegar. I wonder why did they give only 1 meatball per bowl. The juicy mushrooms were thickly sliced. They were braised in a dark based sauce and were bursting with flavour with every bite. The meat and liver slices were on a slight chewy side.

Fishball noodles

This is the classic fishball noodles. Although this one has no vinegar added to it, it was just as tasty. There is no ketchup or oily chilli sauce base to these so you can easily finish the whole bowl without feeling jaded. The mee pok was not sticky, and has a crunchy and springy texture. Despite the fact that there was no queue, the food here tastes great, if not better than some other stalls. This is one of the better places that I have eaten for minced meat noodles. I wonder if their laksa tastes as good.

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