Saturday, March 08, 2008

Simply Bread, Robertson Quay

Simply Bread, sandwich
Simply Bread, coffeeThis was one of the uncommon occasions where I got up early enough in the weekends to go out for breakfast. Should be doing this more often since getting up and out early means that I actually have more time of the day. The day does feels longer. However, that it doesn't happen often is because while most of the time the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak.

Simply Bread (60 robertson quay, #01-15 the quayside, tel : 6732 2966) is a nice location for breakfast. Several reasons for me saying this. One gets al fresco with shade. It's tends not overly crowded. The open seating areas do not feel cluttered and there are newspapers/magazines which one can borrow to accompany the breakfast. The selection for breakfast is adequite as well and prices aren't so unkind to the wallet. All of it along a laid back glorified canal riverside.

There were a few things that I've had that I thought were pretty good. The roast beef sandwich ($6), was amongst them. It's getting a simple sandwich correct many places fail miserably. Most of the time, it's a problem with fillers or ratio. Here, they do not sting. There's only tomatoes and mustard in the sandwich. There is also choice from a variety of bread.

Simply Bread, ham eggs
Simply Bread, sticky bunThe ham steak with eggs breakfast plate was served with two eggs and a couple of slices of toasts. Honey baked ham were pretty tasty. I don't remember the last time I tasted the honey in honey baked ham. One gets to choose how their eggs are done. Also got myself a sticky bun ($1.20) which was essentially a cinnamon caramel coated bun which tasted a lot better than it looked or sounded. The only gripe I had was the coffee. Even with the benefit of an additional shot of espresso, didn't pack the oomph that I was hoping to kickstart my morning heart.


Anonymous said...

nice! how much the total meal cost?
Haven had brunch at a great place for very long already

LiquidShaDow said...

Hey ladyironchef,
It was about $31 for two persons.