Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Magic Mushroom House

Voila! A magic mushroom house with fairies on the mushroom cap (roof). It was a friend's birthday and for this special occasion, her godfather ordered this cute looking cake (http://www.coffeebean.com.sg/coffeebean/) online. When the cake was delivered, it came in a huge box that looks like it could fit a microwave oven. Weighing at a hefty 3.2kg, it was the heaviest cake that I've carried in my entire life. Cutting the cake proved to be a challenge as it looked too pretty for the birthday gal to even slice it. In the end, it took 3 people to help cut the cake into odd sizes because they were trying to avoid the icing "fairies" on the mushroom cap.

Mushroom innards!

It turned out to be a fruit cake on the inside. Not being a fan of dried fruits, I was literally picking on the raisins and jellies. Everyone was on a sugar high because of the icing layer.

I think I would prefer a normal & yummy looking cake for my birthday instead of a pretty looking one.


Miss Tam Chiak said...

omg! the cake is so cute! does ur friend play maple story? cuz it seems like one of the mushrooms in the game! haha

ah Teo said...

It was one of the options on the website of Coffeebean & Tea leaves. I was marvelling at the cuteness of the cake too. >_<