Monday, March 10, 2008

Instant Gratification or a Long wait?

When I read about this place (Blk 91, Whampoa Drive, #01-26 Whampoa Food Centre) on the papers, I was thinking how can a simple dish of instant noodles manage to garner a growing popularity amongst those who bothers to wait. I had high hopes when I was queueing up because usually when the food tastes good, the queue will follow. After 5 minutes of queueing, I realised that no one at the stall are taking any orders. Someone actually cut my queue to shout out an order to the elderly lady tending the stall. I decided to do the same and went ahead with the order. They told me I had to wait for 30 minutes.

Like any tze char stall, this is the usual setting that one would find on their table. It reminds them that the food is coming anytime soon.

I don't usually drink during my meals. But after waiting for 40mins, I felt the need to drink. I was thirsty.

To my worst fear, they actually forgot my order! I only realised that when everyone around me had gotten their food. The friendly senior couple seated on the next table to mine actually reminded them to give me my food.

When it finally came after nearly an hour, it was just, simply put, instant noodles with dark soya sauce. Lucky for me to find prawn shells and a thick slice of pork in the whole plate of noodles. No charred taste as described in the papers. While it took me a long wait to get my noodles, I took a mere 5 minutes to chow down this simple dish of instant noodles.

I would definitely not be in any hurry to return for something that I can easily whip up at home.


Anonymous said...

Wuah... 45 mins of wait for instant noodles... how much you've paid for that crap? I think it's better if we cook that at home :/

ah Teo said...

I agree and believe that i could do a much better job than this. It costs $3 for a measly portion. :|

Anonymous said...

Urgh... that's a punch to the head and the pocket >_<

Think I'll rather cook this at home myself...

On the other hand, maybe they want to imitate Hong Kong Cafe style of instant noodle. Moral of this is don't trust newspaper reviewer too much, bloggers still the best ^_^ b