Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lucky Prata @ Lucky Plaza

Mutton Briyani set
I happened by the vicinity to run some errands and the name of the shop caught my attention. Lucky Prata (304 Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza, Level 1, S238863) looked like a clean and nice place to have my lunch without having to deal with oily fumes that will leave my hair and clothes smell.

I have decided to try the briyani despite the fact that I was spolit for choice because of the variety of food that they were serving. I chose mutton as I liked my meat to have a slightly stronger taste. Their version of the mutton briyani comes with the meat cooked separately from the rice. The fluffy basmati rice was fragant and delicious with the accompanying gravy. The meat has a thick coat of gravy with spices and turned out to be a little tough. Think rendang. Nonetheless, I chowed down this tasty meal happily with no further complaints. The set also comes with pappadum and cucumber pickles (not achar) by the side.

What is more satisfying to complete the meal with a hot cup of teh cino? It helps to settle the food in the tummy without making you feel bloated and leaving a smile on your face. I would want to come back for more briyani and try out other items on the menu.

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