Saturday, March 15, 2008

More breakfasting at Simply Bread

Simply Bread, sandwich
Simply Bread, sandwichFunny how firsts can be quickly succeeded by seconds and before you realise it, the third arrives. Then it becomes what we term as a habit. It was just about a week back that I was mentioning about the rarity of myself doing breakfast and what do you know? I'm up for another one again. Actually enjoying this and am looking forward to another the next weekend. By the way, that was quite an expensive sandwich that you see up there. It costed more than $20. If you haven't yet penetrated the disguise, it's the roast beef sandwich from Simply Bread with 2 sunny side ups, 2 strips of bacon and aged cheddar slices. I was overcharged by about $4.50 already for the sandwich before the add ons and those eggs actually costed $6! To add on, Simply Bread simply didn't have a contactable email address from their website and their staff are apparently unaware at all of any feedback avenue for the company.

Simply Bread, sandwich
The sandwich was verifiably, great. Why wouldn't it be considering that it got stuffed with a generous portion of roast beef topped with eggs dripping with runny yolk/sliced cheddar/bacon and then slathered across with whole grain mustard. Almost unhinged my jaw getting a good large bite. Will be hard pressed to find a better sandwich. For now. Was expensive though The cost did leave a a little bitter aftertaste.

Simply Bread, sausage breakfast

Simply Bread, bacon scrambled eggs rollThe sausage brunch platter which was a varietal of the ham steak version that I had previously. Was pretty good as well. I didn't expect these meaty sausages to be packed so taut in their snappy cases. The first couple of bites were literally bursting with juices. The style of the eggs on the side can be chosen. In the case of omelette, there is also the option for fillings as well. I picked mushroom. There were also rolls with bacon and scrambled eggs which they have over at the counter.  Weren't as good since they was pre-made and left sitting for a while. They never heated those before serving.

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Miss Tam Chiak said...

That was a real scrumptious breakfast! :D