Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Meii Sushi, International Plaza

Been hearing quite a bit about and wanting to come down to Meii Sushi (10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #02-54, tel : +65 6220 3466) for a while since the time they were located near Craig Road. You know... little warmish and cosy joint in an unexpected corner that feels special, local chef with a little dash of infamy and thick cuts of sashimi. It was all intriguing.

In retrospect, the food was good. Not mind blowing, but just straightforward good served by a rather affable Chef Hong that seemed to surround his person with a gossamer of mischief. On a personal note, special mention goes to their buttery chutoro. I can't wait till uni season.

an otoshi of ebi with wasabi dressing....and some diced vegetable that tastes like chye sim

cucumbers with some red miso and barley dip I think

thickly sliced hotate, amaebi, sake, hamachi aaaannnd......


onsen tamago, uni

grilled collar of yellowtail I think

buttery buttery chutoro



gunkans of scallop chunks atop chopped toro

asari miso soup

pre desserts of gunkans with 2 types of uni

rock melon that had texture like Chinese pear


Eric Parker said...

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LiquidShaDow said...


These are eat outs, not recipes. :)

Baesung L said...

Meii Sushi has been relocated

Address :
The Scarlet Hotel
33 Erskine Road #01-01 Singapore 069333

Contact : 6220 3466

LiquidShaDow said...

Thanks for the update.