Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Full of Luck Restaurant, Holland Village

Food's not bad but service left much to be desired. The person processing our bill didn't bother to apply the 15% credit card discount even though it was advertised. We didn't pursue. 

Same guy who did our bill refused to budge when we asked him what was in the matcha cocktail. Only insisted that there was green tea and alcohol and a bunch of spices. Very disappointing considering that these guys were run by Li Bai. I'm not begrudging that he didn't know. I hold against them the fact that he didn't know and insistently refused something as simple as to ask.

Like I mentioned earlier food's not bad. Enjoyed the light crisp from the spinach egg tofu in its conpoy stock.

They have fish noodles too. Kinda similar to the one we had at Li Bai. I thought Li Bai's tasted a little better in both flavour and texture.

Stuffed prawn paste wings weren't good at all. There was barely any prawn paste flavour. That's the ultimate sin with prawn paste whatevers. The other thing I couldn't get past was the meat stuffings which tasted like the mash that used in cheap siew mai. These wings tasted cheap.

I liked their truffle moonlight hor fun more than I thought. I guess their black pepper sauce worked and the beef was tender because of the quality, not the tenderizer. Didn't mind the least that there wasn't much of that truffle flavour.

These were their honey glazed char siew which they placed under their "must try" section. Torched with sugar. Didn't taste bad but the meat's a little too hard. Definitely had better.

Interesting dessert of black rice (like those in pulut hitam) with coconut cream and mango. The mango they used were of the crunchier and less ripe variety like those used in som tam. That paired up surprisingly well with the mango cutting through the richness of the coconut and lending a citrus aroma.

That's the osmanthus raindrop cake. Not so much a cake than a globule of jelly with kuromitsu and kinako.

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