Sunday, September 23, 2007

Crab tang hoon @ Geylang Lorong 37

Heads up here, this was pretty good stuff. This stall, Ya Kwang Dai Pai Dong, is located right at the entrance of Geylang Lor 37 in a coffeeshop. We had some pretty damn tasty tang hoon stir fried with their mix of sauces and stock which was flavourful to say the least, accentuated with the flavour of crab. The tang hoon had a springy consistency and was a bit thicker than the usual ones. It was fun slurping them and having them slither down the throat. The stall also sold some pretty good looking kuey chup at the front. So the kitchen at the back is where seafood dishes are done. That crab tang hoon was just one of it. Since we were already there, we decided to try the steamed fish head in bean sauce they recommended and also the kuey chup.

The steamed fish head wasn't too bad. The flavour came mostly from the bean sauce which was delicious. Meat tasted fresh but it was just a regular steamed fish head. Not exactly a huge fan unless they're exceptional.

The kuey chup was enjoyable. The mixed stewed dish we ordered came with braised duck, some pork (might have been trotters), braised egg, tau kua, braised pig intestines, preserved/salted mustard greens and fish cakes. I can see myself ordering this again.

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