Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lunch @ Sushi Yoshida

Sushi Yoshida
Sushi YoshidaLunch with Junie & Chris. This secluded sanctuary (reservations required) looked like one of those shrines of Japanese food where people with discerning palates should make their pilgrimage to at least once for the experience. Incidentally, Sushi Yoshida was one of those that actually did not disappoint after being washed thoroughly by the eddies of hype though multitudes of reviews, professional and private. Deep inside, I had quietly suspected that it was probably as good as people said it was. Or close to the praises it has received. I've been planning to visit (10 Devonshire Road) for quite a while, but never quite found the time and company until today. I mentioned that it was secluded and that only applies to those coming for the first time without specific instructions to the actual location. After the first enlightenment, you'll know where to look out for the small sign atop large potted plants that front the inconspicuous entrance of the restaurant.

Sushi Yoshida
The interior is wallpapered in a dull wasabi green and clad in dark wooden furnishing creating a stark and darker, but much appreciated reprieve from the blazing afternoon sun that filtered in from various tinted windows. Counter seats are limited to 10 with approximately 20-25 table seats and and a private dining room. The highlight of lunch came from their chiraishizushi (sashimi on rice box) at $38. Speaking of which, prices have been upped from the previously much more economical $28. Prices listed are on nett basis so one expect to pay just exactly as the menu states.

Sushi Yoshida, onsen tamago
Their onsen tamago was the starter. Served chilled and bathed in light soya sauce that was flavoured with yuzu. On the top, a sprinkle of seaweed and a dollop of grated wasabi. The wasabi which awoke the taste buds. I had thought that I'd be getting a runny yoke but apparently it was poached enough to be in solid state, albeit very soft. I thought this is pretty damn good.

Sushi Yoshida, chirashiSushi Yoshida, chirashi
I think what I got was hokkagai, unagi, hirame, chutoro, ikura, shitake mushroom and crab sticks (??!!). Maybe hamachi as well but I'm not too sure if it was. This chirashi box was pretty looking. There were a few gripes. I thought that a couple of more pieces of sashimi would have been great so that it wouldn't just be only the ikura and the sakura denbu at the end. I would have been happier without pickled ginger as well. The rice was incongruous mix of sour from the vinegar, the seeping pickled ginger, daikon and more purple pickles at the bottom. It was hence much more infused with flavour than I expected. As my lunch mate aptly put across, crab sticks perverses the Japanese of this lunch. 

Sushi Yoshida, otoro nigiriSushi Yoshida, otoro nigiri
This was indeed otoro sushi ($17 a piece, so go easy). While many claim to attain some sort of epicurean nirvana while having this, it was ultimately just a tasty and oily piece of tuna belly. It will not give you an orgasm. Sorry to burst your bubble if you had one but the truth is not always as pretty as fat marbling.

Sushi Yoshida, asari butter itame
The asari butter itame piqued my interest because of the word 'butter'. This dish is essentially round necked clams stir fried in a butter sauce. It was both salty and tasty. The sauce almost overwhelmed the natural flavours of the clam though. I thought it would have made great beer food.

Lunch also came a soup of choice between clear and miso. I like miso. It had some pieces of salmon. This one is really sweet in a good way. So good that I was tempted to mention a particularly dreaded three letter abbreviation that begins with M, followed by S and ends with a G. But I won't.

I managed to sample a spoonful (uni-ful as well) of their kaisenmushi (chawanmushi with ikura and uni). I'm surprised that this dish came into existence as I personally thought very little of it. I maintain that uni should be served fresh and un-tempered by heat. Interesting as it may have appeared, I didn't think it deserved the $30 price tag that was attached to it.

I can see myself coming back. The place can get a little noisy from the chatter of the crowd but it was paired with very attentive service (albeit mechanical). While they're not Aoki, they're also not as expensive.


Anonymous said...

Pardon me if I ask but how much did you spent on this list of orders?

LiquidShaDow said...

Hey Paul,

The total bill for lunch was $175 for 3. It also includes the kaisenmushi and a kurobuta tonkatsu which I didn't get on photo.