Saturday, September 15, 2007

Back in Kazu

Kazu Sumiyaki, cabbage
I'm not sure why some of the photos that I take from Kazu tend look worse than usual. Not that it's a deterrence for me from coming back to visit again and again. The menu seen minor changes since the previous visits. No, I'm not referring to the seasonal items that rotate throughout the year. Some of the regular items that are being offered now comes in differently sized portions - which was not available previously. The old prices for those said items are now tagged onto the smaller potions. Some of which, are smaller than the original ones (single size portion available only) that they previously had. That means that while you get to choose larger portions of your favourite items, prices also have gone up. Now that was a bit confusing.

Kazu Sumiyaki, asarishort neck clams cooked in butter

These clams aren't as buttery as those from Sushi Yoshida, but are pretty tasty along with the salty broth filled with golden mushrooms. The portions I felt are a little small.

Kazu Sumiyaki, salmon miltsalmon milt (sperm)

This item seemed to be seasonal on the menu and taste like something I've had before in Chinese mixed fish soups. The pinkish appearance on the exposed sections indicated that it was not fully cooked. The texture of the salmon milt is akin to a harder tofu. I couldn't taste much of it when eaten with the ponzu sauce and spicy grated radish.

Kazu Sumiyaki, foie grasfoie gras

Kazu Sumiyaki, tororo ringofatty pork with apple

I'm not sure if there is a change in the preparation of this pork with apple but I they did come with some apple sauce the first couple of times I had them here. Those were definitely much better than these ones without.

Kazu Sumiyaki, prawns scallops baconprawn and scallop wrapped with bacon strips

Kazu Sumiyaki, shimeiji pork bellyshimeji mushroom in pork belly

Kazu Sumiyaki, hatsuchicken hearts

Kazu Sumiyaki, lamb chopslamb chops

Kazu Sumiyaki, beef cheesebeef and cheese roll

Kazu Sumiyaki, squid ink ricesquid ink rice

The squid ink rice was quite heftily priced at $20 for a small pot. A pot of it has enough to fill 2 bowls so you can do the math on how much it costed per bowl. The squid ink flavour was very apparent in the rice which also had some mushrooms, vegetables and bits of squid. It wasn't bad, just another one of those items that wasn't spectacular.

Kazu Sumiyaki, whale tonguegrilled whale tongue

This grilled whale tongue was from the seasonal menu. Womething I probably will not be ordering again. The taste was not bad. Just unremarkable. The meat has a fatty texture much like satay but the fatty portions was tough and chewy instead of soft. In fact, it was chewier than the beef tongue.

Kazu Sumiyaki, sweet potatojapanese sweet potato

These Japanese sweet potato takes time to grill, so it's good to have them ordered early. Hot and buttered, these will make you hot and bothered. Lol.

Kazu Sumiyaki, gyutangrilled beef tongue

Kazu Sumiyaki, tiramisuKazu's tiramisu

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