Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tampopo, Liang Court

Dinner courtesy of Junie. It's been some time since I last came to Tampopo. While their claim to fame was their kurobuta pork, I remember them for their cream cake with fruits. Had a bowl of their tonkotsu ramen. Think this is of the type which I enjoy. Not so dissimilar to Ajisen actually.

The fat laced charshu that we ordered on the side were actually tastier than the kurobuta pork cutlets. The fact that it was braised probably infused more flavour into the meat. Not forgetting that those charshu had fat that just fell apart in your mouth. The braised egg didn't have the runny liquid yoke which Noodle House Ken had. Then again, they charged $1.50 here while Noodle House Ken charges $2. So could I assume that the difference of 50 cents determines whether you get a liquid yoke or not?

We picked a black pig and prawn wrapped in cabbage soup. I thought it was quite disappointing. This was from their summer menu. Thought that it might have been worth trying. Honestly, it didn't taste like much. Doubt I could tell if regular pork were used instead of kurobuta.

Dessert was a hit and miss affair. That'll be literally one hit and one miss to be precise. The scoop short cake with the light and fresh tasting cream was still pretty good like I remembered it. This is something that is worth trying if you ever visit this restaurant. The macha chiffon cake on the other hand features a rather dense cake which I don't think ought to be labelled chiffon. I'm not an expert on cakes here, but the texture and density felt more like a butter cake. The only remote break to the monotony of the taste were the red beans within the cake which didn't really do much to help make it taste better. It will definitely be quite some time before I come back, if ever.

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