Sunday, September 02, 2007

Triple C penne (home edition)

Tripe C here refers to gouda cheese, parmesan cheese and curry. There's nothing exotic here, it's just something that I've whipped up for dinner.

Firstly you'd need to get a packet of penne. I'm using dry ones which I've bought for times like these when I don't feel like leaving the comfort of home to look for dinner. Pastas are pretty easy to cook. Throw some salt into a pot of water and heat it to a boil. After that add in the pasta.

The gauge of the duration comes partially from experience and partially through the actual checking of the pasta. These dry ones should be in there for a good 5 minutes or so before you need to dredge them out to see if they are soft enough. Another sign that they might be ready is the bloat after absorbing the water which makes them noticeably bigger than when you popped them into the water. I'll skip the picture of the pasta soaking in cold water after the cooking process.

This is local, cheap and tasty. I prefer this one better than the chilli flavor tuna. Open one can of these and heat the contents in a bowl with a microwave oven.

I've some remains of a slice of Dutch Gouda in the fridge. They're sliced and can be added into the pasta after you have added in the heated curry tuna and given them a first round of tossing.

Follow that up with some shaved parmesan. I used packaged ones that can be bought from Cold Storage. You are free to substitute them with any other cheeses. I just thought that the sharper parmesan could add more of an edge to the more subdued goudas.

After adding the cheeses, toss them for another round. Put the tossed pasta into the microwave on high for about 30 - 45 seconds to get things heated and after, it is ready to be served. The purpose of heating the pasta is actually to get them warm rather than getting the cheese to melt, so there is no need to keep it there for much longer than my prescribed time unless you intend for the pasta to be gooey. The can of heated tuna can only do so much to the ice soaked pasta, so this last step helps get it up to a good warm temperature. The cheese in the pasta are softened by the heat, but still remain in solid state enough to be picked up using a fork.


Weylin said...

Yo LS, I like your humour....well, maybe it's like, I like your unintended humour. No, it's not just during lunch time, it's dinner too.

Weylin said...

Hey LS, no it's not just for lunch, it's dinner too.

LiquidShaDow said...

Hi Weylin,

Thanks. Will try to check the place out.