Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hai Tien Lo, Pan Pacific Hotel

This restaurant definitely ranked up high in my books for Chinese food after today. Located on the 37th storey of Pan Pacific Hotel, it's dining with a view. Albeit one that wasn't as spectacular as Jaan or Equinox.

Peking duck

meat from the peking duck

Not sure where on the scale of good this Peking duck was but this was definitely one of the better ones that I've had. Thin crispy skin and just enough fat for flavour. Enjoyed it. We had the meat deboned and sliced up instead of having them destroyed in fried rice or noodles.

steamed prawns with mashed garlic served in a bamboo basket

These steamed prawns were served piping hot. Delicious crunchy prawns with a light soy sauce and generous portions of minced garlic. I'm thinking that if I ever do return, I'll get these again.

sauteed slivers of ostrich with honey pepper sauce

The ostrich sadly tasted like another unidentifiable meat substance. Could have been pretty much any meat for all I knew. No small thanks too, to that honey pepper sauce which was actually pretty good. This also meant that the meat was reduced to become a textual accompaniment since the flavour was mostly just from that sauce.

sauteed scallops & lobster with garlic

Sautéed scallops and lobster. This dish tasted much like the way it looked - which meant pretty good by the way. The menu didn't mention that it came with pan fried asparagus and deep fried golden mushroom.

sauteed snow peas with deep fried crispy dried scallops & fermented mustard vegetables

I didn't know what to expect of the snow peas until it arrived and noticed that they're exactly the same thing that came with the ostrich. In fact, the ostrich dish looked like it had more of these crunchy snow peas than this snow pea dish did. Those deep fried crispy dried scallops were probably there for garnishing rather than taste since they didn't add much to the flavour.

Hai Tien Lo Homemade Beancurd with Minced Pork & Pine Mushroom Sauce

I'm not so good at describing tofu. They're usually soft and smooth and the rest of it depended heavily on the sauces. This was nicer than what I normally get. There was a fragrance from the skin. That and it was slathered in a semi-spicy sauce with ground pork and shimeji mushroom. Tasted much like the way it looked.

cod, baked and glazed with Moët & Chandon champagne sauce

close up of the cod

The cod in Hai Tien Lo came in various options. I picked the Moët & Chandon sauce option because I thought it was the only one that sounded interesting, compared to the mundane sounding choices like barbeque sauce, preserved vegetables or a Portuguese styled bake which I have no idea is what. The meat was a little dry but on the whole, the fish was decent tasting with the light and semi runny champagne sauce which still had the taste of alcohol. Interesting fish dish.

stewed fish noodle with ginger & spring onions served with king prawn

prawn wide open

These fish noodles were flavourful, superb and recommended! Though the menu described them to be stewed, I noticed some char marks which indicated that they could have been wok fried over high heat. The char add a depth to the fish infused flavour of the noodles. I liked them so much that I felt that they were on par with the prawns. Which were also delicious on its own merits. I found myself lamenting over the tiny portions of the noodles.

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