Sunday, September 23, 2007

Burritos, enchiladas and magaritas...

These Tex Mex stuff seem to be my recent craze lately, so you people have little choice but to bear with it since this is my blog. Hahaha! Funny how little of them I've had until recently, which pretty much started from that night at Cha Cha Cha. Now that I'm hung up with Café Iguana, I've decided that doing a late Sunday lunch at this place might be in order since it would be probably the only time I get to look at everything that I'm eating in clear daylight. Back to topic, it's a lunch that I'm doing with my brother, so we wisely stuck to a single order of a starters of an ancho dusted calamari, along with a shredded steak burrito and tuna enchiladas.


These are fried calamari, generally good for keeping the mouth busy while waiting for the rest of the food to arrive. But these were served just shortly before the rest of the mains did. The calamari here have a soft/soggy batter coating. The ancho dusting was like a dusting of the spice but I didn't quite discern the flavour. The plate came with a salty and garlicky sauce of sorts which turned out to be quite good.


I didn't realize that their burritos were so large. The word I would used to describe this would be hearty. They were filled with the choice of meat, black beans and cilantro rice. I'm thinking that this may just be the beginnings of me not rejecting cilantro/coriander since the flavour of the in the food here were fairly mild and bearable. In fact, I'm starting to find them quite pleasant. All in all, it was good and as I mentioned earlier, hearty.

tuna enchiladas

The last time I had enchiladas, the skin was softer. This time round, there was more crisp and it did look a little like prata. So more black beans and rice which I'm not complaining about. There's the salty fried black tuna wrapped in the tortilla skins and topped with melted cheese and the tomato/onion things. Pretty damn good and I must say. I enjoyed this.


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I didn't change it. The template that I was using is somehow not working anymore. I'll try to see if I can get the resolved soon.

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