Thursday, September 20, 2007

New York in Mexican

I've been having a bit of fun exploring Tex Mex food lately. This was something called a New York Steak ($21.99) from Café Iguana. It's from a section which is labelled Tequila Grill which featured lime marinated meats that is finished with a spicy tequila glaze. The steak sat on top of a stick of grilled vegetables that's lying on some sweet poblano scalloped potatoes. It turned out that this steak was the medium rare that I requested. The lime marinate did come through in terms of flavour but I couldn't quite make out what the tequila glaze was. I was pretty glad that those marinades weren't too strong which still allowed the flavour of the beef to come through. There was also a decent char on the surface of the meat to ramp up the flavour. Thumbs up here. The faith that I have in this place is growing so that means that I will likely come back again.


Anonymous said...

hi there. good evening to you. my gf's birthday is coming. shes 21st this year and i am thinking of celebrating with her at a romantic place with great ambience. may i know if you have any suggestions on the restaurants?

MystiKaL said...

Bacon Salt ftw Gimme a heads up if you find this in SG..

LiquidShaDow said...

@ anonymous,
I think I need more information for recommendations since the type of food and budget usually determines the available options.

@ mystikal
will do dude.