Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Superfamous wagyu burger

There's a place down at Chulia Street just beside the OCBC building near Raffles Place. It's a cafe in a tiny park called Superfamous. The cuisine reads like fusion/Australian but then I'm not sure of the actual differences between the two. Perhaps it can just be described as largely European with some Asian influences. Anyway, I dropped by for lunch prior to an appointment and decided to try out their Wagyu burger. I'm just wondering since Wagyu is merely a term for a breed of cattle, does it mean that there are those that do not go through the fattening treatment process or is something like Grade 1 really affordable? This one was priced at about $24 dollars and after seeing how places like One Ninety or the defunct ├╝berburger charges for a Wagyu between bread, this does smell like a different beast. Pun intended.

I've definitely had better. Better and less costly with the Garageburger from Wine Garage coming on top of that list of cheaper and better. There's also the Wild Rocket Burger. Sure, those aren't wagyu but they were certainly much more enjoyable than this one which featured meat that was marinated to death resulting in a sweetish herby flavour. That to me wasn't enjoyable for beef. I'm missing that beefiness. So the end product had a slightly peppery/sweetish taste that reminded me of cheap black pepper sauces.

The upside of the lunch was their seared tuna salad which came with delicious seared tuna slices and a generous helping of salad with olives and quail eggs. The portions of the salad was bigger than I had expected. I'm not too sure what was the dressing but I thought I detected sesame sauce and some sort of vinaigrette.

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