Thursday, October 25, 2007

L' Angelus, Club Street

L' Angelus, Club Street
Pleasant dinner which was otherwise perfect if it wasn't marred by a particular wait staff that confused himself with the order, gotten the wrong starters and gave a subtle to blatant display of displeasure by his attitude at the prospect of having to get the wrong orders corrected. That particular moment reeked strongly of pretentiousness which I have yet to encounter in other French places which I've visited so far. Even at Raffles Grill. The encounter was the lowlight of the evening. I would have liked to avoid any negative comments because L'Angelus was honestly a rather nice restaurant. Ideal for dates. 

L' Angelus, foie gras
Their pan fried foie gras came in quite a generous portion. I'm not too sure what has gone into the sauce but it appeared to be a balsamic glace of sorts. Had a robust vinegar-y flavour over a mildly crisp skin and soft quivery insides. Dissolves on your tongue.

L' Angelus, ribeye
L' Angelus, ribeyeI'm quite pleased with the ribeye. Turned up a bit larger than I had expected since I've always had the impression that portions tend to be more dainty in French places. The steak was served with a grilled tomato and a side of gratinated potatoes which arrived separately on a hot plate. There is the option of either pepper or blue cheese sauce. Needless to say, I picked the blue cheese which was actually quite strong. While it wasn't so juicy, the meat definitely didn't lack the beefiness I was looking for. There was soft fat on the sides while the steak as a whole was tender yet firm. I thought that the fatL' Angelus, ribeye wasn't excessive and that's a good thing. Not to mention that this was a properly done medium rare which I liked. This cost about as much as the tenderloin from Brasserie Wolf but was much more enjoyable and definitely better value for the money. That's my take. Would love to come back and try more of their food.


Anonymous said...

nice one, how much the meal cost?

LiquidShaDow said...

If I do not remember wrongly, the steak costs about $36 or so and the pan fried foie gras which has a two portion option cost $22 per person. If not, it is a little more expensive for a one person's share. A two course option would range by my approximation from $50-$70 per pax, depending on what you order.