Saturday, October 20, 2007

Modesto's, Orchard Parade Hotel

I have mixed feelings about this place and after eating here, I'm too sure whether it's a place which I liked or not. I'm probably going to have to come back again since the selection on the menu is rather large and I must admit that there are some items which I find compelling. The hindsight left me with the impression that the food here wasn't all that great in terms of quality. I was thinking that certain things could have been done better. The service however was friendly and great despite the bustling crowd and agonizing waiting time. Over the course of an hour of wait for the food, the waiting staff had, without prompt walked over to reassure that the food is in order and that they're doing their best for a busy Friday evening.

For a start the bread served is rather bad. It tasted very much like a dry herb foccacia which definitely didn't feel fresh. To emphasize, I needed generous dips of the olive oil and vinegar in spite being hungry and having to go through a rather long wait for the food to arrive.

The starter of the antipasto italiano wasn't quite up to what I had expected. While quite palatable, the food felt limp. The grilled vegetables were a tad too cold, Mozzarella cheese felt crumbly from the caprese and there was noticeably too little Parma ham that draped on the rock melons. The calamari fritti made it into the second starter option. As a person who enjoys soggy fries, I certainly had no issues with the soft batter that coated the squids which was actually quite enjoyable with the chew factor. I was debating over the option of a few of the pastas and eventually ended up with the ravioloni di pesce al pomodoro. The pasta turned out to be quite disappointing with it's fillings of supposed minced prawn and crab meat. There was some creamy things with the filling and that was pretty much what could be tasted despite my efforts at attempting to feel for the minced meat. Neither the prawn nor crab could really be tasted and whatever little of it was pretty much drowned out in the tomato sauce. The portions and doneness of the ravioli was actually good and if the stuffings were better, it might have actually been a lot more enjoyable.

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