Thursday, October 18, 2007

Anatolia Turkish Restaurant, Far East Plaza

This was a Turkish shop that has been operating in their current premise (Far East Plaza #02-58/59) for a while. Had always thought of coming by to try their food and never really did until now. Anatolia as the name might suggest, does Turkish food. Aside from the vertical spits where the meats are carved, the shop also featured a small and single serving salad bar and a corner for Turkish ice cream. The menu consisted of a list of the usual kebabs, wraps, a small selection of sides and salad. Orders are taken over at the counter and payment is made before one heads to the seating area to wait for the orders to be served.

Dinner was a mixed kebab which featured grilled chicken, lamb and beef heaped over some salad and a portion of rice. It was described be something meant for sharing but the portion looked to be enough just one. The lamb koobidehs from the platter had a dose of chilli which upped the spiciness. Banoo and Persepolis didn't do theirs with chilli. The egg omelette which we had to go along was just a regular pan fried omelette with paprika. Tried the apple tea which I had initially assumed to be a freshly brewed beverage. It actually came in a teabag and was surprisingly not bad. There was quite a bit of of apple flavour in that tea.

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