Monday, October 22, 2007

Alaturka Turkish & Mediterranean Restaurant, 16 Bussorah Street

Had a little difficulty finding Bussorah street because we weren't familiar with the area and we almost didn't find it until we stumbled upon the sign at the back door of the restaurant in the alley. Pretty cosy restaurant adorned with mosaic tiles, decorative plates, Turkish lamps on the ceiling and little tea lights secluded into alcoves of the brick walls. Definitely felt Middle Eastern. Which was jarred by the fact that there was a multi media kiosk at the front of the restaurant rotating through images of the food from the restaurant.

We ordered the karisik kebab (mixed grill) along with an iskender lamb kebab (which I didn't get to find out about from Sultan Kebab), starters of hummus and babakanoosh (roasted eggplant & garlic dip) accompanied by their olive oil garlic bread. On hindsight, it was quite a lot of food for two.



karisik kebab

iskender lamb kebab

olive oil garlic bread

The food was pretty much what we had expected. The iskender kebab came with something that tasted like lamb ham. I was expecting real grilled lamb rather than a reconstructed one. Was a little disappointed. The odd thing about the karisik kebab was that it also included a chicken drumlet and mid wing. Are these part of the usual items in kebabs? The prices I thought were pretty reasonable. All these totalled to about $50.

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