Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Shinryoku Yakitori Restaurant, Purvis Street

This was a spot which I have passed by numerous times when I'm about Purvis Street. Occasionally I've even peeked through the glass out of curiosity to see what they were about. Unsuccessfully. A suggestion from a friend landed me a dinner spot on this yakitori place which was actually not too bad at all. Of course it's not in the same leagues as Kazu or Kushigin. Not in terms of both quality and quantity or even options options. But this was much more affordable too. The buffet option for dinner runs at $48++ for an all you can eat izakaya styled from the menu which includes sashimi, charcoal grills, salads and tempura.

Service can be excruciatingly spotty when the crowd picks up. I do mean seriously slow. And there's no iced water to be had!

maguro and hamachi sashimi

fried cod

crispy pork

grilled chicken hearts

tempura prawns

pan fried beef

quail eggs

smoked duck

golden mushroom wrapped in pork belly

salmon and swordfish sashimi

grilled squid

battered fried mint wrapped oysters

more beef

prawn wrapped in pork belly



Anonymous said...

hi there,
are these pictures part of the buffet?
if it is, then its quite a big spread..
but the price is kinda steep though:)

LiquidShaDow said...


This is actually an a la carte buffet, so these pictures are just the items that were ordered. The options available from the buffet menu is much larger than what you see definitely.

Anonymous said...

did u use the promo 1for1? i tink is DBS card..

LiquidShaDow said...

Nope, I wasn't aware that there was such a promo. It's for DBS cards?

Anonymous said...

iirc is for DBS Cards. cos i wanted to go during beginning of OCT too due to a recommendation and i found from yum.sg entry also that they mentioned abt 1-for-1 too and so i called them up. wanted to ask u so as to check are the foods that u had and posted are available of 1-for-1 promo..