Monday, October 01, 2007

Sultan Kebab, Peace Centre

I've been hearing mentions of this place (1 Sophia Road, #01-15 Peace Centre) which indicated that the food was good and wanted to find out for myself if it was good as people were saying. A couple of those good things I was told was the affordability and the generosity of their portions. So I came into the shop expecting really big portions.

I was disappointed with what they had. The shop had also run out of beef so I was limited to chicken. From which I could choose between a sandwich, roll, with rice, or iskender kebab. I haven't figured out what the iskender kebab was so I stuck to the safe option of rice ($7.00). That'ss shaven chicken bits from the vertical spit grill on rice. Tasted like how I thought it would. Aside from the small portions, I thought it tasted pretty good. Good enough for me to come back another time if I happen by.


Anonymous said...

I chanced upon ur food blog from cozycot forum and I must say you take good photos! definitely makes me want to visit those places you visited but hmm.. your tastes more high-end lah =)
Just want to ask, did you take e photos from a normal camera or from those professional SLR type? how do u make your object tell so much 'feel' into e photo? i can b contacted at Thanks for your advice!

LiquidShaDow said...

Hi, thanks for the compliments on the photos. I take my photos from a mobile phone. Sony Ericssson K750i. Its not even a full fledge I'm not sure about what you mean by the 'feel' thing though.

Anonymous said...

should have tried the iskender! its good

basically its chopped up bread + tomato sauce at the bottom and then the meat on top. then they pour melted cheese over :)

the iskender at eastcoast/parkway parade's kebab station is good too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm quite a loyal reader of your food blog and have been to a few places you introduced. haha. I think those restaurants must start giving you commission liao :P and i'm surprised that you can take such awesome pictures from your camera phone! I'm using a sony phone too but it doesn't seem to be as nice as yours! haha but yeah, keep introducing us nice places! :)

LiquidShaDow said...

@ anonymous
Sounds good, I will try it the next time I drop by the place.

@ buttons
Thanks. As for the photos, I think it takes a bit of practice and once you get used to the camera, it's not too difficult actually.

I'll be definitely keeping the places coming. Stay tuned as always.