Friday, October 05, 2007

Papa de Lamb de Clarity

I remain impressed sufficiently by the pasta at Miss Clarity (this visit at the new outlet, Yew Lian Park, 205 Upper Thomson Road (S)574345) to seem to always order something from that section of the menu up to this point and apart from their risotto, I've never actually eaten anything else here despite a few visits. This is not the best pasta in town (or out of) but it's quite well done because the chefs apparently understand al dente. I did think that there could be room for abit more improvement in that area, but it seems that consistency can be a double edged sword in this case. That consistency has kept them at the same standards.

This Papa de Lamb is a non complex slow braised lamb in tomato concassé tossed with parpadelle. I like parpadelle because like tagliatelle, reminds me of mee pok. The former is just the thicker and larger version. The importance of being al dente for these large pasta strips is because, you wouldn't want them to taste like thick wanton skins. Firmness and bite to me is something that pasta should preserve after being prepared. The tomato concassé reminds me of arrabiata, meaning that it's also mildly spicy. I'm not too sure of how the braise is done for the lamb, but it appears to be dry on the surface and a little harder than what I expect of the usual braised meats. My only gripe with this pasta, is the portions. It could really do with larger portions. Seriously.

On a side note, the escargots (garlic and chilli oil where all I could taste of the seasoning) here are pretty tasty and inexpensive.


Anonymous said...

if you're looking for new jap food places you might want to try wahiro at katong shopping centre. its at the first level.

the yakitori is just as good as kazu. try it. some items are done even better than kazu, like the chicken wings.

price wise is kazu standard though.

Anonymous said...

how muchie is their escargots?

LiquidShaDow said...

The escargots are $6.80 for half dozen, $12.00 for a dozen.

Anonymous said...

oo.. miss clarity opens new branch at thomson? been to the one at purvis street onli, you been to purvis street one? is the menu the same?

LiquidShaDow said...

Yep, all my previous visits were to the outlet at Purvis St. This is the first time I am eating at the one at Thomson. The menu is the same, but I think they will be introducing new items to the menu next year.

Meepoker said...

anon 4.09pm

Just a correction, its at Katong Mall :)

Thanks for the recommendation! will try!

LiquidShaDow said...

Thanks for the heads up on Wahiro guys. Will check it out when the opportunity presents.