Saturday, October 13, 2007

Beer Butt Chicken from Blooie's Roadhouse

Blooie's Roadhouse, beer butt chicken
This turned out to be a little gimmicky. The beer butt chicken which required pre-order from Blooie's (21 Science Park Road #01-01, The Aquarius, Science Park II) was something that had caught my attention a some time back when I first visited them. Been wanting to try it out now that I've finally had it, I'd say it's expensive for a chicken ($38) without any special taste to boot.

Blooie's Roadhouse, beer butt chickenThe restaurant explained that the the bird needed a day of marination from the pre-order. An opened can of beer was inserted up the behind before it's cooked in line with the logic that the beer would actually evaporate and infuse the meat in the chicken with its flavour. After the chicken was cooked, the kitchen brought it out for display before chopping up the bird a bowl along with cajun fries. They used Kilkenny. We ended up with a pretty decent roasted chicken without any beer flavour. The salty and slightly spicy marinate was quite flavourful. Especially so for the skin. I tried a couple of the pieces of the meat sans skin to see if there was any difference from regular roasted chicken. There wasn't. Because I had been given heads up by a friend prior to this not to expect much out of it, I wasn't actually disappointed at the outcome. I just needed to convince myself by eating it.


Anonymous said...

dude, the beer is not meant to 'infuse the chicken with beer flavor'. it's mean to just keep the chicken moist inside.

LiquidShaDow said...

Wouldn't it make sense to use just water or if beer is really necessary, a cheaper local lager like Tiger instead of Kilkenny if the intent is merely just to keep the interior of the chicken moist?

Anonymous said...

the yeast and malt in beer does contribute to the flavor of the chicken,but definitely does not impart beer taste.and not all beers work,only certain types does(something to do with the ingredients of the beer).additionally,using a good beer like kilkenny could just be a marketing gimmick.