Monday, August 05, 2013

My first experience with thunder tea rice

I've been hearing about this stuff for ages and haven't gotten the chance to try them until today. It wasn't as terrible as some people have described it. I've heard it compared to eating grass. Then again, I was also told that this food court rendition probably wasn't assembled with the traditional ingredients and that I might re-think what I feel about them after having tried those. 

The only thing that didn't quite agree with me was the liquorice like flavour in the tea that was otherwise rather mild. The rice and the bunch of chopped up vegetables and nuts certainly made great texture and it's definitely a doable option when one gets sick of all the greasy salty stuff that's almost everywhere these days.


red fir said...

Then you must go try 珍發擂茶飯 zhen fa lei cha fan at Blk 349 Jurong East Street 31.

Junie said...

U came tpy! Nxt time call me too!

LiquidShaDow said...

What gave the location away?