Monday, August 19, 2013

Keng Seng Abalone Noodle House, Upper Thomson Road

Keng Seng Abalone Noodle House, Upper Thomson Road

This was the much less crowded looking of the two ba chor mee neighbours (246A Upper Thomson Road). The other being Meng's Kitchen that offered a much more satisfying looking (prettier?) bowl of noodles which drew much more crowd. The operative word here is look.

Keng Seng's differentiates themselves by adding a slice of abalone into their noodles. It's $3.50, noticeably cheaper than the above mentioned neighbour and doesn't include the sliced pig liver nor shrimp that the picture in front of the stall depicts. But I thought it was done decently and I liked the texture of the noodles here better. The sparing amount of deep fried lard hidden in the noodles were crispy and fragrant. What really got to me though, was the accompanying no-nonsense bowl of soup that came with the noodles. My not so Spidey senses told that it was definitely pig stomach soup. A peppery one at that and it was good. Good that I asked for refills.

Now that I'm encouraged, I'm likely to come back another time for their more expensive bowl that features crayfish.

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