Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hougang 6 Miles Muah Chee, Toa Payoh

These black sesame muah chee were pretty good (480 Toa Payoh Lor 6, HDB Hub B1-01, Stall 21). It was definitely more aromatic than the regular variety due to black sesame that's been added into the chewy dough and I noticed that each piece that was pulled off was glazed individually with shallot oil before being coated in the sugared peanut powder which also had crushed black sesame seeds in them. I wonder why do they have 6 Miles in their name. 


dairyandcream said...

I'm not too sure but maybe because hougang used to be segmented into 4 mile/ 5-mile/6-mile? And seems like this stall moved here from Hougang 6 mile. Anyway, the black sesame powder looks as attractive as the usual peanut ones and I'm keen to try!:)

Jimbo said...

I lived in Braddell as a kid. Braddell was 4 and a half mile ("owkang si ko pua"); the area around Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre was fifth mile ("go ko chio"); and Kovan was six mile ("lak ko chio"). The area exactly where the Upper Serangoon/Simon Road junction was where the Six Mile market was. Old tin roof clusters of stalls, next to a stinking canal. But home to the BEST Wan Tan Mee and the BEST Muah Chee in my childhood. It's now the entrance to the MRT at Kovan at the foot of Kovan Melody. The Wan Tan mee my family just discovered is now at Old Airport Road market. Ah the good old days.