Saturday, August 17, 2013

Swedish Crayfish Party at Ikea

Ikea crayfish party

This was a event that was hosted by Ikea and it ran for a good deal at $10 per person for members with all you can eat crayfish which is supposed to be in season now. They're all chilled and dill-ed by the way. I had actually secretly been hoping that they were served hot but I guess it was simply not possible setting those up for so many people at a time. I think I managed a couple of dozens before I got tired and checked out the other stuff that they had included in the spread like some savoury salmon cakes and some shrimp and mussel salad. Most of the other food were items that could be gotten from their cafeteria anyway.

I thought this was quite well organized on the part of Ikea. Even if it was marred by a bunch of almost rabid aunties heaping their plates like there was no tomorrow. They looked almost feral.

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