Tuesday, August 13, 2013

MK Gold Restaurant, Central World, Bangkok

Bangkok, MK Gold Restaurant, Central World

I was recommended to the MK group of restaurants, a Thai-Chinese steamboat chain by a co worker. So Googling came up with the most convenient location at disposal at Central World. Incidentally, there were two of the MK restaurants located there. The regular MK Restaurant which is located almost everywhere in Bangkok and the MK Gold Restaurant (6th Floor Central World, Rama 1 Road, Prathumwan, Bangkok Central 10330) which was the pricier of the two and also the one which had a eat all you can deal in 90 minutes for 449 baht. Which sounded like quite a good deal. 

We quite liked this. The food was certainly fresh tasting and aside from the steamboat ingredients that one could order a la carte style, there were  dim sum, drinks and desserts.

One thing to note though - what the menu described as thinly sliced beef which we loaded up on were actually those that most of us would know as shabu styled beef; while their shabu beef was actually much thicker sliced ones that had been bicarbonated to death - having lost all the natural flavours of the meat. Their pork was also pretty tasty, turning ivory white after a few good swooshes in the bubbling pot.  Forget the spinach noodles. Get the siew mai with roe. Shrimps were pretty good.

We missed out on the roasted duck which seemed to be one of their popular items to order, but that would have been too much food.

Bangkok, MK Gold Restaurant, gold

Bangkok, MK Gold Restaurant, rice rolls

Bangkok, MK Gold Restaurant, hotpot

Bangkok, MK Gold Restaurant, siew mai

Bangkok, MK Gold Restaurant, jade noodles

Bangkok, MK Gold Restaurant, fritters

Bangkok, MK Gold Restaurant, beef

Bangkok, MK Gold Restaurant, pork

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