Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ma Maison, Bugis +

Ma Maison, gyu katsu

We stumbled upon this branch of Ma Maison (#01-12, Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street, tel : +65 6884 4471) not realising that there was one here. Later it dawned upon me that this was the Aloha Ma Maison that I heard about some months back that came with a Hawaiian theme. How did I figure that out? The decor couldn't have been more obvious with those surfboards and tiki carvings. I'm not sure if the Hawaiian food options have been removed, but this turned out to be serving the same stuff apart from the acai berry pancakes. But there was a seasonal menu card that drew us in.

Ma Maison, cuttlefish ink curry katsu rice

Firstly the gyu katsu which is the second of sorts that's been around here as I know it. This one by Ma Maison did better by the virtue of having a thicker cut compared to the one at Tampopo. So you could actually taste that it was beef even though they hadn't been using wagyu. The other thing was cuttlefish ink curry with a regular but respectable rosu katsu which to their credit, managed a Japanese curry that did taste of the ink. Their grape tart was pretty good. Those grapes don't taste processed. I wonder how they perform those surgical precision slices.

Ma Maison, grape tart

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