Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill, Marina Square

Frankly, I was quite the skeptic at the start. Understandably, Hippopotamus (6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-204/205 Marina Square, tel : +65 6338 5352) sounded neither the likes of a respectable restaurant nor French nor both. But apparently, this place is Parisian family styled restaurant that's been around for almost half a century.

I could say that the food is pretty decent for the most of it and I was also mostly, bought over by their XL rib eye which was large, very juicy and rather bloody. Granted that we're not looking at premium cuts from pedigreed bovines and respectable marbling here. It was still a decent hunk of meat. And I'm really glad that I picked a medium doneness over my regular option of medium rare which would probably have been a tad undercooked for my preferences. Portions are definitely generous (it might have been 340g) and the options for sides are definitely appreciated. One of the gems in this place was that they actually served a very decent blue cheese sauce! Yay for that blue cheese sauce because I know there's a dreary lack of even decent ones around.

I'm definitely coming back for the steaks and perhaps the burgers.

french onion soup

The French onion soup was passable. Love the toasted cheese, but the flavors of the soup lacked body.

300g bone marrow

A rather large bone marrow was served here, costing much less than what most restaurants would charge for it. But I suspect this was frozen and not thawed nor baked well as the marrow wasn't as quivery soft as it should have been and certain parts were almost as hard as warm wax. Eek!

squid fries

These not so chewy things were passable probably for bar snacks. It got boring after a couple of them.

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