Friday, January 04, 2019

The clear broth bowl from Keisuke's Tori King

I've been curious about this clear broth bowl from Keisuke's Tori King since they introduced it and never got about to try until now. 

I had been imagining a more resonant clarity from that broth. Something that had a cleaner chicken flavour rather than this which was pretty undistinguished. Imagination often brings disappointment. The "hard" option for noodles wasn't very hard and I'm no longer infatuated with the chopstick tender chicken thigh. 

Looking back through the various shops that Takeda-san has setup, I've pretty much nailed my favourites even though I haven't tried the Lobster King. I'm pretty sure it's not going to blow me away. Their crab bowl didn't quite do it. Tonkotsu King and the Kamo Soba gets my vote.

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