Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Ah Lock & Co., Tanjong Pagar Centre

This stall (#B2-22/23/24 Tanjong Pagar Centre, 7 Wallich Street, tel : +65 8826 0244) which is located just next to Chalong serves what appears to be Hakka style rice bowls/noodles and ban chang kueh. Or min chiang kueh. Whichever you were schooled to call these pancakes. 

I might come back to try their rice bowls someday. Was looking for something less substantial so I got their matcha pancake with anko. Not bad. Could taste both the green tea and red bean flavours. The pancakes were a little dense and the fillings could do with a bit more generosity. 

I'm wont to compare these things to Granny's Pancake at Whampoa because those are superb. Superb meaning thick, light, wobbly and have generous fillings.

There's butter kopi on the menu. This one tasted odd. There was a thickness which I could detect but that thickness with very little coffee flavour. Not as nice as Heap Seng Leong.

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