Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brunch @ Epicurious

Been hearing about the breakfast items at Epicurious (60 Robertson Quay, #01-02 The Quayside, tel : +65 6734 7720) for quite a while and here came the opportunity for a brunch pig out on a late Saturday morning and wishing that I could afford more mornings like these.

So what was it all about? Decently fluffy pancakes, a larger than expected Full Monty plate that included three eggs (yeah!), streaky bacon, buttered and toasted bread, token side of canned beans, some pretty good sauteed mushrooms, pan fried tomatoes and a few meaty but bland sausages in a morning fry up along with juice and coffee. There was a pretty decent breakfast burrito filled with scrambled eggs and bits of chorizo and cheese that did hit the morning spot. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a good hearty breakfast as a doctor might recommend.

It would be worth noting that the coffee here isn't as robust as I would have liked though.

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