Monday, January 25, 2010

More from dandelions...

Tampopo, negitoro don
This was an unplanned visit to Tampopo. We were walking by and glancing at the picture menus at the entrance of the restaurant and suddenly, we found ourselves seated and preparing to make our orders.

Was pleasantly surprised by the freshness of the minced fatty tuna of their negitoro don. Not that I've had a lot of them prior to this. The meat looked like it had been hand chopped to order just before it was served. It was still a little chilled and very fresh tasting on top of the warm rice.

Tampopo, wafu steak
This be their wafu steak. Looked and tasted much better than what was depicted on the menu. Meat was quite fatty but a little chewy in some pieces. The natural flavour of the beef was robust. This one is good for returns.

Tampopo, liver chives bean sprouts
This plate of stir fried liver, chives and bean sprouts was so good with rice.

Tampopo, cheese chiffon cake
That's a light cheese chiffon cake. Ventured off from the usual scoop cake we usually get. The name would lead one to believe that this was a light cheesecake of sorts but there was no cheese in the cake nor the cream. There was grated Parmesan cheese at the top though. A little dry but was actually not too bad.

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