Thursday, January 14, 2010

Arnold's Fried Chicken, City Plaza

Arnold's Fried Chicken, City Plaza

The sealed in juices in the fried chicken thigh seeped out onto the plates as I peeled strips of cooked meat from it. I'm usually not really big on fried chicken, but these ones from Arnold's, (810 Geylang Road, #02-99/101, City Plaza, tel : +65 6746 2372) - I be liking them. 

It's definitely because of the fresher tasting chickens which they claimed to be from the farm rather than the freezer. Not forgetting the thin and spicy crispy batter and their chilled and chopped coleslaw which could improve on the portions. Not surprisingly these put the monopoly by old man Sanders to shame. The gripe I have with this joint is that we're "forced" to pay extras for choice parts. If not, you'll probably end up with mostly the less meaty cuts that everyone else seems to avoid asking for.

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Hung Wei said...

Hi, I'd heavily recommend this little Western Stall tucked away at the back corner of City Plaza at ground floor. Its a hidden find - they've only been there for a month and my colleagues and I are already regulars.

None of their dishes have failed our tastebuds yet!