Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mexican Taco Bar, Kopitiam @ Plaza by the Park

This sure was disappointing. I've been hearing about this Mexican Taco Bar which was originally from Changi Business Park run by a Angeles Herrero who was formerly the executive chef for the American Embassy in Mexico. This outlet (Plaza By The Park, 51 Bras Basah Rd) is apparently a branch out from the original. 

Food was prepared as you ordered them. What I didn't quite trust was the metal trough things beside the pan which contained the meats that looked like they had been left there for quite a while. I couldn't help but think of the overly marinated stir fried beef from the Korean stalls in food courts. 

The only difference between the tortas and the tacos were that the former had refried beans spread over the bread when it was toasted. I'm not sure if it would have made much of a difference since they could hardly be discerned from the spiciness of the limp looking sauteed jalapenos & onion along with the chipotle sauce. The latter tasted like a spicy thousand island dressing. The Mexican fries were merely frozen crinkle cuts that had some spicy chilli powder sprinkled over. Beside being freshly prepared, nothing tasted exactly fresh. I'm not too sure what to make out of this but I'm never coming back.


shikin said...

is the food sold at this stall halal?

PAG said...

The food here was HORRIBLE. They can't get any order right when you order from them, as not only me but a few of my friends who have ordered from them said. They plan never to return.

I specially ordered a beef taco, chilli and a beef burrito on a Thursday evening. Not very crowded. I got a vegetable taco with no beef inside. Worse, they gave me a vegetable quesadilla.

The lady in the queue in front of me was loudly telling the server to make sure her vegetarian taco didn't have meat inside. I thought she was overbearing at first. Now I know why.

The chilli was pretty bad too. The meat was too dry, masked with heavy chilli. With very little refried beans.

They really need to shape up and put actual cooks in the kitchen, instead of untrained workers. I won't be going back.

Where can we find good affordable mexican food in Singapore?

LiquidShaDow said...

It depends on what you define as affordable. The better Mex places here are a little pricey, if you do come across something that's good and very reasonably priced, please do let me know. :)