Friday, January 22, 2010

Back in Miharu...

So I'm finally back to Miharu (1 Nanson Road, #01-11 The Gallery Hotel, tel : +65 6733 8464) on a revisit. I recall them having donburis on the menu and that I've a couple of colleagues that were interested in having some Japanese ramen. I've to say that this turned out to be a good recommendation of my part, seeing the glaze in the eyes of my Filipino colleague as he claimed their koumi tsukemen to be the best ramen he'd ever tasted.

This takana and mayo pork rice bowl did hit the spot for dinner, mixing savoury sweet with the textures of both meatiness and crunchiness from the pickled vegetables over warm rice. With only one other similar item in comparison from Baikohken, I've got to say that this was a pretty good rice bowl in its own ways as well. Miharu's braised pork did come with dissolve in your mouth fat and if I might say so, comparable with any of the good ones that I've tried. What I didn't quite like was the sweetish starchy gravy that had a hint of ginger.

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