Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jones the Grocer, Mandarin Gallery

Geez, this was so disappointing. 

I've generally been someone who's more into what I eat rather than the service that I get unless there was something I thought would be mention worthy. I had waited for about 20 minutes after getting the orders done before I realised that they might have not processed those orders. With the bulk of the kitchen doing preparation for food that didn't look like breakfast, I inquired and I saw a chit re-printed and sent to the kitchen. The person who had taken the order did not bother to explain. 

It took another staff with sufficient initiative to come over and apologized over the screw up and tell us that the kitchen was trying to get our food done with the greatest alacrity. Another 20 minutes crawled by before a server sauntered into the dining area, dropped toast off the plates onto the floor and then made a U turn back into the kitchen again.

The bacon felt soggy and the poached eggs were simply deflated. The latter was probably sloshed over onto the plates resulting in the vinegared water being soaked by the mushrooms making them sour as well. It was a wet and sour breakfast.

It seemed that latte art was not their forte as well. Not that I could see any heart put into it. Pun fully intended. If you like your coffee, I would suggest Oriole instead. They do a much more robust and fragrant piccolo latte. I feel that money can be much better spent elsewhere for breakfast where it cost less and tastes better. On my way out, I sampled a piece of blue cheese over at the cheese shelves. It was the best thing I tasted from Jones the Grocer today.


yixiaooo said...

hey there, i've no idea why Jones is always so packed. the nosh is clearly substandard and once, we had their milkshake and it was disturbingly bad.

LiquidShaDow said...

Hi yixiao,

Beats me too. This is my first time eating there and I it'll probably be my last.

pwilson said...

I am consistently disappointed in both Jones the Grocer outlets. Have been about a dozen times as I live near Dempsey and I have not had a single positive experience. Menu is weak and boring, service is non-existent. Drinks come after food and coffee is often cold, if there are more than 3 of you chances are your food will be staggered. It's simply not worth the price - not value for money not even close. Get it together JTG or just get out! You've been here long enough - train your staff because the huge interiors don't make up for everything else that is lacking.