Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stewhaus, Cactus Road

I remember seeing this place at Siglap some years back and it seems they're relocated (6 Cactus Road, Seletar Gardens, tel : +65 65557845) to the sleepy neighborhood of Seletar Gardens. My guess is that despite a spread in the menu, this place is better known for stews or at least are suppose to be good at them. Duh! So I ordered myself a guinness lamb stew which actually came with a shot of Guinness.

I can't say that it was really impressive to any extent. There were definitely flavors there, especially when freshly doused with that stout and the pieces of lamb within were tender as well. However the included pieces of potatoes and green vegetables looked worn and limp and I'm guessing that they've been boiled to death. The lamb however doesn't look overcooked strangely. Sides of the mashed potatoes was at best, ordinary. The stew felt medieval. And honestly, I've tasted better.

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