Saturday, January 23, 2010

One up for the Tunisian at the Wild Honey!

Wild Honey, Mandarin Gallery
Wild Honey, Mandarin GalleryThis is Wild Honey (333A Orchard Road, #03-02 Mandarin Gallery, tel : +65 6235 3900), a relatively new all day breakfast place at the newly refurbished/renovated Mandarin Gallery which looked quite promising for a return. If not for this place, then for the new Japanese restaurant Suju just around the corner. I'm was having a bit of fun trying out my new Canon Ixus 100 IS. Sure beats the hell out of trying to take photos in a dimly lit restaurants with a camera phone, making me almost regret not getting a digicam earlier. But I guess it's never too late to start.

a jam filled donut

This lucky donut found a home in our stomach. Greed and excitement had gotten ahead of us at the counter so we picked it up while placing orders.

a dead jam filled donut

In the end, it was a regular greasy jam filled donut which was a little cold and getting a little stiff on the outside. It was a better jam than the usual jello substance that one can commonly find but it wasn't spectacular taste wise. Sure as hell won't be falling for it the next time.

Wild Honey, goat cheese tartgoat cheese tart

In that moment of greed at the counter, we reached out for the cheese tart which the staff mentioned, would be heated up before serving. Strangely, it looked exactly the same when it arrived. The creamy cheese which did disservice to the normally pungent goat cheese didn't even look like it was going to melt. The capsicum in the tart was pretty good but there was an occasional taste of lemongrass which was a little baffling. Not the better goat cheese tart around for sure.

Wild Honey, sweet morning"Sweet Morning"

Sounded great on menu. Looked pretty good as well.

still sweet at this point......

The disappointment was that the egg on the thick French toasts looked like they had been brushed on rather than soaked in which I would have preferred. This made the toast very bread-y and not eggy at all. There was an odd flavour in the fillings of sliced mango. Thought it could have been great if it was served a little hotter. The saving grace of this plate came from the generous vanilla mascarpone (which didn't taste the least of vanilla) and maple syrup. Definitely not considering this again the next time.

Wild Honey, tunisian"Tunisian"

This was straight up awesome. An excellent wake up breakfast pan or even a post drinking chow. The idea behind this plate wasn't sophisticated but it did an excellent job being both greasy (in a good way) and spicy. Now I'm not sure if that spicy flavour came from the paprika or the oil that had oozed from the slices of chorizos beneath the egg and tomato stew. I'm definitely looking forward to eating this again. Having those freshly toasted thick sliced bread to soak up the grease and yolk was an excellent choice for the filler as well.

Wild Honey, macchiato"who would have known" macchiato

The well done foam from the macchiato took me by surprise. It was top notch and full bodied, floating above a decently done espresso. Now I wonder if that consistency would be subjected to consistency in this place...

Nature's Remedy indeed

This cinnamon, honey and vanilla brew did strangely possess a sharp flavour which reminded me of ginger in a good way. And also marsala tea. I'm not to sure how to go about with this but it was a comforting drink and the Nature's Remedy did sound very apt.


red fir said...

Dude, I don't know if your new cam is helping, but I'm getting hungry looking at your Tunisian.

LiquidShaDow said...

I would be remiss if I did not credit my camera for that effect it had on you.