Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Beef Sukiyaki Don Keisuke, Kee Seng Street

Keisuke Takeda has a few non ramen shops. The Gyoza King, the Tendon Ginza Izuki and even a hamburg place which I haven't been to. This outfit for sukiyaki don (#01-01 Onze, 11 Kee Seng Street, tel : +65 6535 1129) is his newest and another one of his non ramen places. 

If you didn't catch that correctly the first time round, it's sukiyaki don, not sukiyaki. There's only counter seating available and there're only 14 seats. 

The menu was simple. The only thing to order was their sukiyaki don and the only options were basically US Prime beef or Kiwami wagyu which also mentions that it's Yonezawa A4 from Japan. I'm a little confused here.

There's goma tofu and aka miso soup which comes with each order. The egg (soft boiled) they provide is for pouring over the donburi rather than a dip for the meat.

The US Prime beef sukiyaki don is served in the silver bowl. The donburi also has cabbage, shimeiji mushrooms and tofu. What I loved were the left over "sukiyaki drippings" from the beef which was provided as extra sauce for each bowl.

The wagyu bowl sat in the golden bowls. Between this and the US Prime, we preferred this. The meat was pretty much disintegrating in the mouth after you've popped them in and didn't have any the chewiness.

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