Thursday, October 20, 2016

Revisiting Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant

So, we managed to get a reservation for a weeknight dinner at Man Man. On hindsight, it wasn't the best of idea to be seated at the counter. It was a little smoky and we left smelling of the greasy charcoal grill.

I wanted to try their hitsumabushi because I've only had it once before years back at the defunct Wakashachiya. Man Man's bowl was smaller and no surprise here, tasted much better because of the quality of the unagi.

We ordered a side of their kimoyaki because I liked the liver from the first visit. Sweet charred eel livers.

Because the hitsumabushi didn't feel like it was enough food, we added on their shirayaki - unagi grilled without the sauce. Also coincidentally something that I've only had once before years back in the also defunct Sushi Yoshida. There was nothing but salt on the eel so the little flavours that they had came through. I liked this.

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